History of Company

Aspen began its collection operations in Grand Junction, CO, in 2000 with one client in the vacation ownership industry. We now have locations in Colorado and Florida serving more than 200 clients, representing thousands of consumer debts. We attribute the success we consistently experience to maintaining our commitments to: full compliance with laws and regulations, technological advances and delivering excellent customer service.

Aspen is licensed, bonded and registered to do business in every jurisdiction requiring us to do so. We are routinely audited by different states to ensure our collection operation is compliant. In such cases, states will review our collection letters, collection system and bank accounts. In all instances we have met each state's requirements.

Aspen requires every collection associate to have ongoing Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) training during their tenure. This requirement creates a culture where the employees know how important it is to follow the law and treat customers respectfully.

We firmly believe that our employees are our greatest resource. We also maintain that people collect money, not computers. It is for this reason that we have committed to employing any technological advance that will assist our collection associates in staying focused on the phone. Aspen's upgraded phone system adding call recording and T-1 lines to seamlessly connect our offices is the most recent example of our commitment to continuous improvement.

Our strategy is to customize each client’s portfolio according to their specific desires and needs. Our system automatically scrubs a new portfolio for updates of contact information through the National Change of Address (NCOA) database. It also automates correspondence and account assignment to the collection staff.

Clients have real-time, 24/7 Internet access to information about how their accounts are being collected through our proprietary browser, Client Access Web (CAW). Clients can use CAW to monitor account status and review collectors’ notes about each conversation. CAW keeps the consumer honest by giving both the clients and Aspen collectors a means to share information.

Compliance and technology alone would not render Aspen a successful business. As a service-oriented business we must offer our clients and their customers the highest degree of customer service. We believe we have achieved that goal since our primary growth as a company has come from our existing clients and their recommending us to others. Aspen recognizes that customer service includes providing clients with results.

We often compete against other agencies. In those instances, we find that we consistently outperform our competition with minimal customer complaints. Providing clients with results and cash flow is as much a motivational factor for our collection associates as it is for you.