How We Collect

Providing you peace of mind by collecting your accounts professionally and safely....
  • Licensed, Bonded, Insured
  • Trust Accounts
  • American Resort Development Association Member
  • American Collectors Association Member
  • Better Business Bureau of America Member

We handle your portfolio on a contingency fee basis. Our senior management team will work with you to custom-design the best strategy for you and your customers.

In addition to our clients having online access through the CAW browser, we send you periodic and detailed reports electronically to inform you how much cash we have collected on your behalf and the status of each of the accounts you have placed with us.

Furthermore, we provide our clients with electronic payout and account balance reports concerning their entire portfolio on whatever frequency they request, whether that is weekly, semimonthly or monthly.

We recommend clients place accounts with us for a minimum of six months. At the end of the first six-month period Aspen will be able to report accounts that are: uncollectible, resolved and accounts with whom we have negotiated an effective payment plans in place.

Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

We abide by all requirements of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, ensuring that the collection of your bad debt is done within the parameters allowed by law.