Student Loan Collections

Proactive Recovery Solutions for Education Accounts Receivable Management: A new collection strategy.

Aspen National Collections is specializing in helping schools with their Educational Accounts Receivable Management.


Small schools to larger universities will be impressed with our suite of recovery strategies to assist in your schools ability to free up important school resources. Aspen works with all types of educational debt such as student loans, federal and Perkins student loans, K-12 educational fees, nursing loans, student fines, etc. Aspen National strives for 100% complaint free collections.

  • Federal Student Loans
  • Student Accounts Receivables
  • Student Parking Fees
  • Child Care Expenses
  • K-12 Private Schools
  • Library Fines
  • Nursing Loans
  • Room and Board
  • Etc.

Aspen National’s student borrower counselors can aid in helping borrowers understand the benefits of paying their student accounts on time. Aspen National Collections understands that students are not taken through the same rigors of a loan application for an educational loan as the rest of society’s borrowers are for their loans. We feel it is a duty of the schools and third party agencies alike to help counsel and educate these borrowers as to how beneficial paying student loans on time can be for their future. This can be one of the biggest helps in their early financial careers. Aspen believes in dignified and educational collections and demonstrates assistance with financial literacy when collecting on educational accounts.

Aspen National uses many tools to assist schools with their Educational Accounts Receivable Management. We can help with plans as simple as early letters to borrowers giving them an additional resource of financial literacy to ensure prompt payments when their accounts come payable. We can also help with a diversified plan that mixes both Literacy and Collection practices to assist in collecting on accounts that are past due to the point of needing to be referred to an outside collection firm. No one collection plan fits all schools; let us help show you what a full service default reduction program can do for your school today.

Training and consulting:

Aspen National stays ahead of the collection curve by retaining the very best people in the industry to provide training and consulting. Most recently, Aspen National Collections has retained the training and consulting expertise of David R. Glezerman. Mr. Glezerman is considered the leading authority on Education Accounts Receivable Management. Mr. Glezerman is coauthor of Managing and Collecting Student Accounts and Loans and is the Vice president/Bursar at Temple University. Mr. Glezerman has over 30 years’ experience in the Education Accounts Receivable Management. Aspen National has a commitment to stay as current as possible with training and the industry’s best standards.

Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

We abide by all requirements of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, ensuring that the collection of your bad debt is done within the parameters allowed by law.